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    Shaanxi Chang Da Textile Limited Company

    來源: | 作者:changda001 | 發布時間: 2019-07-02 | 2312 次瀏覽 | 分享到:

    On July 1th, 2019, leaders of the disabled people's federation of mei county, baoji city, shaanxi province visited our factory to conduct research, Mr.Zhao--vice President of Chang Da textile personally received.

    領導們在趙副總的陪同下,參觀了廠房各個車間的生產情況,并就殘疾人勞動力的分配問題,做了進一步商討和研究。The leaders, accompanied by Mr.Zhao, visited the production situation of each workshop of the factory and made further discussion and research on the distribution of disabled labor force.

    長達紡織自建廠以來,在努力抓好紗線,坯布生產質量的同時,密切關注各類社會公益活動, 尤其在殘疾人民生問題方面,一直高度關注,解決了當地部分殘疾人的就業問題。Since the establishment of the factory, while striving to improve the quality of yarn and grey fabrics production, the company has paid close attention to various Public welfare activities , especially in the livelihood of the disabled, and solved the employment problem of some disabled people in the local area.

    長達紡織會繼續努力,為解決殘疾人民生問題貢獻自己的力量。Chang Da Textile association will continue its efforts to make its contribution to solving the livelihood problems of the disabled in the future.

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